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With office holiday parties and annual family get-togethers around the corner, the cameras will be out, which means you’ll want to look polished and photo-ready.  Martin Younan shared a few simple suggestions on achieving a picture-perfect look.

Step one – Start with an absorbing powder:  This will absorb any excess moisture like sweat or oil, and allow you to start with a blank slate.  Younan says this is the difference between a matte and shiny final appearance, so it’s crucial to do this step.

Step two – Apply a foundation:  The key to this step is to choose a satin or matte foundation powder.  If you have drier skin, opt for the satin look so your face remains moisturized.  If you have combination skin, opt for the matte powder.

Step three – Opt for a peachy-tone concealer:  This tone will allow you to contrast between the dark eye circles, and eliminate the tired look under your eyes.  Set the concealer by blending with your finger.

Step four – Shape your brows:  Go through with a pencil or simple eye shadow, and sculpt with an old, clean mascara wand. 

Step five – Cheeks:  Younan recommends a light pink blush for your cheeks.  The pink gives your face a fresh look, and gives you a pop of colour along the cheekbone. 

Step six – Finishing off:  Lastly, use a finishing powder to take away any leftover residue.  This also polishes the entire look, and seals the makeup in for a night of glamorous photos.

Source: Cityline.ca

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